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Temporary Child Custody In Tampa, FL


Custody is a sensitive topic, Temporary Custody here in Hillsborough County is not uncommon.  Oftentimes, depending on individual situations, the occasion for an extended family member to pursue custody may arise.  The Florida Law is such that under extenuating circumstances extended family members may apply for temporary custody in order that they may provide the following in order that a grandparent, aunt or sibling may act as the child’s custodian with the same obligations that a natural parent would:

  • Give consent for medical treatment to a child in your care;
  • Get access to health and medical records as well as the records of a child in your care;
  • Obtain school records of a child in your care for school enrollment;
  • Provide guardian consent for a child in your car to participate in school functions and activities.


If you are considering applying for Temporary Custody, Mindi Lasley is 100% dedicated to Family Law and has extensive experience with Tampa Child custody law. Call today for more information.