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Modification Of Child Custody In Tampa, FL


Tampa Child Custody Modification Attorney

Child custody (now called time-sharing and parenting plans under Florida law) can be modified upon showing that there is a substantial change in circumstances AND that the proposed modification is in the best interests of the minor child. Custody is one of the most difficult areas of law to modify because the court places great emphasis on the stability of minor children. However, there are many circumstances in which a modification of custody is necessary, and even urgent, especially when a child is in danger of physical or emotional abuse.

Modification of child custody may have a tremendous impact on the child if the child must change school districts or move away from friends and family, and this is not a decision the judge takes lightly.

There are several factors the court will consider in determining whether a modification of custody is in a child’s best interest, and persuasive evidence must be presented to the judge to prove whether a modification is appropriate.

At the law firm of Tampa Family & Divorce Lawyer Mindi Lasley, we have your child’s best interests at heart and will zealously argue on you and your child or children’s behalf. Contact the law office of Tampa Family & Divorce Lawyer Mindi Lasley for experienced representation in custody modification cases.

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