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Florida Divorce Laws

Getting divorced can be one of the worst phases of your life. No one enters into a marriage expecting to get divorced.

However, at times, divorce becomes the only feasible option.

Once you have decided to separate from your spouse legally, make sure that you adhere to the Florida divorce laws for separation.

With our legal help and support, you can get a better understanding of the divorce laws so you can make your move smoothly. We will complete the legal formalities on your behalf and ensure that you do not have to face any hassle.

Equitable Distribution Of Properties:

Divorce is not only about the separation of the husband and wide, but also about many other factors, like property division.

As far as the divorce laws are concerned, both the husband and the wife should have an equal share of the property on which they invested in the course of their marriage.

The laws associated with property division are often complicated. Mindi Lasley will help you through the process and fight on your behalf. 

Spousal Assistance:

Apart from property division, alimony is an important part of divorce. Whenever we handle any case of legal separation in Florida, we make sure that the factor of alimony is carefully handled.

While there is no formula to calculate alimony, it is based on the spouse’s need and other spouse’s ability to pay. Moreover, it is also important to note that alimony is not awarded in every case.

We will thoroughly review your case to determine if alimony is right for you. 

Handling Complex Cases:

No two divorce cases are same. With a thorough understanding of the law, our experienced and skilled lawyers can help make sure your divorce is as peaceful and smooth as possible. Never hesitate to contact us.

We also help in forming prenuptial agreements so that the financial information is completely exchanged between both the parties and the marriage is less complicated.