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Tampa High Asset Divorce Lawyer

Every divorce is unique, most are emotional and many are complex dealing with businesses and other financial assets.  Where businesses, homes, and other larger assets or joined debt, the process can be extremely complicated.  What are some questions you may be facing in anticipation of a complicated divorce from your spouse? 

How will the court know exactly what my spouse’s income is?

It’s very common, when dealing with a complex divorce, to find that one spouse may not be sharing their full income and assets. They may not be declaring all of their income or have finances spread out in different institutions. Hiding assets is something Tampa Complex Divorce Attorneys deal with regularly and know how to handle. Whether it’s a hidden financial account, hidden business, or other assets, there are procedures to uncover this information. You can also preemptively preserve this information by:

  • Locate and obtain copies of tax returns

  • Pull bank account statements

  • Pull financial account statements (like stocks/bonds)

  • Locate pay stubs

  • Locate and copy account payable/receivables

Social Media For Documentation Of Assets

One avenue to obtain and document financial means is Social Media.  Social media allows you, if you have access, to document the lifestyle of your spouse. It also allows you to have a record of your joint lifestyle.

Forensic Accountant

Lasley Family Law frequently works with professionals in the forensic accounting area in order to properly and aggressively advocate for their clients. A Forensic Accountant uses approved methods for uncovering assets, even those that may be very well hidden.  Whether your spouse elected to hide assets via their employer, friends or family, forensics may be able to locate these hidden assets.  In Complex Tampa Divorces, individuals often undervalue physical assets and purchases which can include properties, bonds, and even artwork. Due to the latter, the Lasley Family Law team is always prepared to dig deeper to fight for your rights.

Marital Property In High-Asset Divorces

Many divorcing couples argue over who gets what property and asset and who is entitled to what.  In the state of Florida, the property is generally divided 50/50 only when considered “Marital Property”.  Marital property is generally defined as that which was acquired during the course of the actual marriage.  Any property or assets that were acquired prior to the marital date is not intended to be divided equally as it precedes the marriage. There is no guarantee, within the marital property, that you end up with the property that you believe that you are entitled to, as 50/50 equitable distribution may not apply to some property/assets and because complex divorces tend to be that much more complicated, you need an experienced Tampa High Asset Divorce attorney at your side.

Spousal Support/Alimony In High-Asset Divorce

In the state of Florida, Alimony is can be granted to a spouse as a temporary rehabilitative situation or even to bridge a gap. The intention is to assist the receiving spouse in rising to a level where they are better able to provide for themselves. This is intended to be a temporary solution but in some instances can become more permanent. 

Qualifying factors for Alimony in Tampa High-Asset Divorces:

  • A standard of living that was acquired and/or established during the course of the marriage.
  • The actual length of your marriage with the bar being short-term marriage, moderate-term marriage and long-term marriage. 
  • The ages of each spouse, and even the physical and emotional health of each spouse.

Fair and Equitable Distribution In A Tampa High-Asset Divorce

In the state of Florida, a measure of what is called “Equitable Distribution” is used and the intent is that any property obtained during the course of the marriage be distributed to the actual spouse that “earned it”. During the course of high-asset divorce in Tampa, all of your assets, as well as your liabilities are intended to be divided between you and your spouse in a fair and equitable manner.  If one spouse worked while the other earned a degree, what is fair and equitable if a property is later obtained by financial means of the spouse that earned a degree? These questions and more require an in-depth review and evaluation that require the attention and eye of an experienced High-Asset Divorce attorney.

Business Ownership In Tampa High Asset Divorces

In the state of Florida, the same operation of Equitable Distribution that applies to marital properties also applies to assets. These are generally sought for a 50/50 split however, fair and equitable may not amount to 50/50 and can include financial accounts, business assets, and more. If the business was acquired prior to the marital date, the business is not considered Marital Property. Business can become more complex depending on the circumstances. Does one spouse want to sell? Can the spouses agree to sell? Does one spouse want to buy the other spouse out?

What About Retirement Accounts In Tampa High-Asset Divorces?

As mentioned above, Florida operates on Fair and Equitable distribution, which can include Retirement Accounts.  Because a High-Asset divorce lends itself to more layers of assets, it may be possible, to keep your retirement account should other distributions create a fair and equitable division for your spouse. You may indeed be able to hold on to your retirement accounts, 401k, etc, should the court decide that other assets are valued in such a manner that equitable distribution can be obtained by alternative assets and means.

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