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At an ever-increasing rate, older couples are nearing retirement and deciding they do not wish to spend their silver years with their current spouses. A study conducted by Bowling Green State University indicates that although divorce rates among those aged 50 and above has more than doubled. Such divorces are often referred to as “gray divorces”. While this decision to proceed with a gray divorce improves a person’s emotional well-being, it can also create financial burdens. Couples at this age have often saved for decades thinking they would retire together, but it is important to consider that those savings will be split in half and may not be adequate for two people living separately. Given the financial concerns involved in gray divorces are more complex and advanced, the experience and representation we provide at Lasley Family Law is essential in these cases.

At the firm of Tampa Family & Divorce Lawyer Mindi Lasley , we are experienced in gray divorces and can assist you in understanding the complex issues involving:

  • How Courts calculate Income and Expenses
  • How Courts determine Need and Ability to Pay
  • Alimony awards
  • Marital and Non-Marital Property
  • Commingled Assets
  • Retirement Division
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)
  • Division of Liabilities
  • Future Healthcare Costs and Insurance
  • Social Security and Medicare
  • Vocational Experts and Financial Analysts

During these trying times, it is imperative to retain a Tampa divorce lawyer who not only provides skilled and effective legal advice, but who is also willing to help you deal with any uncertainty or anxiety.

Divorce attorney Mindi Lasley can help calm the emotions of clients and give them straightforward legal advice about their divorce.

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If you are considering going through a gray divorce or are in the middle of divorce proceedings, it is critical that you are adequately represented by a Tampa divorce attorney.

Without high-quality legal guidance, you stand to incur significant losses throughout the process of your gray divorce. 

Mindi Lasley is a divorce attorney with the expertise and resources to provide you with step-by-step legal representation in order for you to obtain the best possible results from your case.

Divorce attorney Lasley is committed to offering each of her clients with comprehensive legal support, and she will always let you know where you stand. She will inform you of what your legal options are and how best to move forward to protect your rights and best interests. 

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