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Uncontested Divorce in Tampa, Florida

Tampa Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Uncontested divorces mean that both parties reached an agreement about how their case will be settled, and a marital settlement agreement is drafted and filed at the same time the pleadings are filed.

This process eliminates a significant amount of paperwork. While many people believe their divorce will be amicable and uncontested, there are frequently issues that arise that make uncontested divorce cases contentious and complicated.

Sometimes, divorces that begin contested can become an uncontested case while the divorce is pending. Both parties are frequently ordered to attend mediation, which involves a mediator who is unable to make decisions for you or provide legal advice, but assists in facilitating an agreement as to at least some of the issues in your case. If the mediation process is unsuccessful, your case can still be resolved amicably out of court by signing an agreement known as a marital settlement agreement, a stipulation, or a mediation settlement agreement.

Any settlement agreement that resolves all of the issues associated with the divorce is the most important document that will be filed in your case. This agreement must be very thorough and detailed and resolve all issues in your case, including:


All uncontested agreements must be drafted properly and approved by the judge. If this agreement is not adequately prepared, a judge may not approve the agreement and issues may arise in the future that may be extremely difficult to modify or enforce.

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