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Holiday Divorce

Divorce During The Holidays

Are you facing the probability of ending your relationship during the holidays? The timing can make already challenging issues even more difficult. Here are several things that you can do to help your loved ones — and yourself — get through a holiday divorce.

Compromise If You Can

Getting a holiday divorce requires both you and the other parent to be somewhat flexible. You should both be allowed to spend time with your children during the holidays, but this may result in having to travel. It’s in your children’s best interests to spend as much time with each parent as possible, so consider making compromises if you’re able to.  Co-parenting is something that the judges take very seriously and failure to do so will have a negative effect on your case in court.

Have a Positive Attitude

Going through a divorce makes it challenging to stay positive, especially if you and the other parent aren’t able to agree on the terms of the divorce. That said, it’s in your best interests to be as polite and cordial as possible when talking about the opposing party or to them.

Put In As Much Effort As You Can

Attention, time, and effort are likely more important to your family — particularly your kids — than gifts and expensive items. This holiday season, show them you care for them by putting in whatever effort you can. Spend time with your children playing holiday games or just watching a favorite movie together; your loved ones will remember that you were there more than they’ll remember what you did.

Eliminate Arguing Around Your Kids

Heated arguments and fighting around your children can be quite damaging to their psychological and emotional wellbeing, so it’s important to eliminate them when at all possible. Deescalate if you notice either you or the other parent getting upset during a conversation, and consider switching to a co-parenting app or text/email to discuss difficult subjects.

Call an Experienced Tampa Family Law Attorney

Lastly, it’s in the best interests of your family to get help from an experienced attorney who can assist you with every facet of your divorce now and in the future.

Reach out to seasoned Tampa divorce lawyer Mindi Lasley today for a consultation to learn more about navigating the dissolution of your marriage by calling (813) 873-9047.


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